The People That Love Church And
Mission, Inc., is a 501 (c) (3) not for
profit corporation. We are
chartered under the laws of the
State of Florida.
From our point of view homeless men are
those who want to live in a fixed asset but
have lost the wherewithal to do so.
Many different circumstances arise that
cause a person go homeless and it is our
vocation to help those that will get back
on their feet.
By providing them a free place to stay for
30 days they can accumulate funds to
move on. Those who do not have a job
must go to day labor to get work. It may
take two or three days but those who are
serious will get a ticket and make money.
During this period of time, after the work
day, we conduct church services, bible
studies and a weekly movie, seven days a
week. We are serious about our
Christianity and by our own testimony we
know that Jesus Christ is the only way to
change your life. By allowing Him to take
charge of their lives the men can turn
their situation around and cease from the
works that caused them to become
The men's shelter is a free gift of the Lord
to those who seek Him. This may not be
the place for you if you don't believe. To
stay here is a choice made from one's
own willing spirit.
Homelessness is a
ruthless enemy of
society. It alienates
communities and
deprives those it holds
captive of life. It is
JESUS accepts many of
it's victims when no
one else will. He heals
and comforts. The Lord
offers hope where
none exists. He
restores a soul and He
gives life. The LORD
will not judge a person
on the street while they
walk in the mortal flesh,
rather He extends His
hand in compassion. He
doesn't look at your
disposition or mentality.
Instead, He gazes at
the inner spirit and
there He gives hope
and the chance to
receive His
SPIRIT and  to be born
again. A new life.
This man was a
difficult case.
Removed from an ALF
because of his refusal
to obey the rules he
ended up on the
street. We were able
to get him into the VA.
We will place those
who we cannot
accommodate with
agencies than can
help them.
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Men's Shelter - Rules for Admission
This native American
from Alaska, is an
example of the transient
homeless that come to
our area.
Because of addictions or
other problems these men
are unable to get steady
work. We require day
labor to give them money
for long term housing and
preach Jesus Christ to
give them freedom and
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Administrative costs are
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Men's Emergency Shelter
Function, Capacity, Rules For

1. Function: PTL was established in 1988 as a Christian
ministry to the poor and needy. As part of the ministry,
an emergency shelter was opened to provide overnight
lodging for homeless men. The provision for residence is
that one understands that our goal is to help them
become responsible citizens by; a): attending a
combination of church services, bible studies and
Christian/family oriented movies, b): work each day,
except Sunday, via a 4:30 am wake-up for day labor and,
c): follow the various rules and regulations pertaining to
orderly behavior on church property and in the
surrounding community. There is no charge to stay in
the emergency shelter and a bed is guaranteed for up to
30 days for obedient residents.

2. Capacity: Beds are always available, and THERE IS
NO NEED TO CALL AHEAD, if the person meets the
following criteria,

3. Rules for Admission; a): An individual must be sober.
We are not able to minister to inebriates and those
individuals who are under the influence of drugs and/or
alcohol should be sent to the TURNING POINT, 1801
5th Ave N, St. Petersburg, (727) 823-7811 for
detoxification. When they are sober they will be allowed
to check in at PTL if; b): the individual has not been
previously been dismissed from PTL for rules violations,
and, c): the individual is ambulatory and continent. This
is an overnight shelter and there is no ability to care for
a person who is not able to care for them self. There is
no capacity in which to have a person remain on the
property during the day. All residents must be up and off
the property each day by 4:30 am or, 7:00 am if they can
prove they have F/T employment, except Sunday.

4. Pedophiles and sexual offenders are not permitted on
PTL property.

If there are questions about eligibility please call Bro
Flinth, 727-480-2661.
The Half Way house is for
men who are sick and tired of
being sick and tired
"And Jesus went about all the cities and
villages, teaching in their synagogues, and
preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and
healing every sickness and every disease
among the people."
Matthew 9:35