The LORD bless thee and
keep thee:

The LORD make His face to
shine upon thee, and be
gracious unto thee:

The LORD lift up His
countenance upon thee, and
give thee peace.

nUMBERS 6: 24-27
"Mr Lee" can be heard playing the
piano at the mission most
mornings. He is frequently seen
walking the streets of St
Petersburg with his little dog. He
was a brilliant mathematician in his
native China and plays the piano by
converting music to numbers .
Several years ago she came to
the mission, alone, pregnant,
and drug addicted. Here she
JESUS and since she has
been drug free and the happy
mom of a beautiful little girl.
Baptism is a defining
moment in one's life, a
moment which should be
taken quite seriously. It is
at a point, a juncture when
we have decided to
commit ourselves to Jesus
Christ and to lay down the
old person and our sinful
ways, to start anew. To be
washed of the blemishes
that caused our ruin, to
rise clean and in the arms
of Jesus. To trust in Him, to
guide us as our great
Shepherd, from this point
on. To give us victory over
the enemy. To invite the
Holy Spirit to come in and
be out Comforter and our
Teacher. To lead us home.
Meet the people at People That
" I pray not that thou shouldest take
them out of the world, but that thou
shouldest keep them from the evil.
They are not of the world, even as I am
not of the world."
John 17: 15-16
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"Come ye after me, and I
will make you to become
fishers of men."
Mark 1:17
Baptisms occur at North Shore Park,
St. Petersburg, FL
All of the people that are
being baptized in these
photographs have taken this
step of faith of their own
accord. Each is an individual
whom has found the love of
JESUS CHRIST and does not
want to let it go.
I perceive that God
is no respecter of
persons. Acts 10:34
"Can any man forbid water,
that these should be not be
baptized, which have received
the Holy Ghost as well as we?
And he commanded them to be
baptized in the name of the
Acts 10:47-48
You are cordially invited to visit us at any time. It
would be our pleasure to show you around!
Our goal, our hearts
desire is that every
person who comes
to us for help would
be baptised, in the
name of the Father,
the Son, and the
Holy Ghost.
A little man who made a
big decision (with Mom's
help of course) is proud
of his baptism certificate.
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Class of Memorial Day '06
A wealth of Christian
activities, fellowships,
devotions, children's
activities and more.
Click on to "The Christ Powered Life" for a truly
wonderful bible study experience. Dr. Ralph Wilson has
been in ministry over 30 years and will bring joy to your
understanding of the Word of God.
Herman successfully went though our
halfway house program. As a result of
his victory over addiction he was able
to reconcile his marriage. To further
this wonderful testimony, Lorine, his
wife was baptized and gave her life to
the Lord.

We encourage you to
contact us for
additional information,
prayer, questions,
We are located at:
817 5th Ave N
St Petersburg, FL
Main Phone No.:
(727) 820-0775
Pastor Contact:
Brother Ken: (727) 421-3745
Brother Flinth: (727) 480-2661
Primary E-Mail:
July, 2011
"And Jesus, when He was
baptised, went up straightway
out of the water: and lo, the
heavens were opened unto
Him, and He saw the Spirit of
God descending like a dove,
and lighting upon Him:
And lo a voice from heaven
saying, this is my beloved Son,
in whom I am well pleased.
Matt 3:16-17
But GOD commendeth HIS love
toward us, in that, while we
were yet sinners, CHRIST died
for us. Romans 5:8
Know ye not, that so many of us
were baptised into CHRIST
JESUS were baptized into HIS
death? Romans 6:3