People That Love Church And Mission
817 5th Ave N, Saint Petersburg FL 33701-2106
For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ... Romans 1:16a                                                                      
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We pray for the
healing of our
We ask Oh LORD
that you look
beyond our human
weakness and
foolish pride and be
merciful unto us.
We d
need your love,
your grace. In
JESUS' name we
pray, amen.
Welcome to the People That Love Church and Mission website
Our ministry is a full bible Christian organization committed to CHRIST to
preach the Gospel to all the nations.
The LORD'S work is best demonstrated by the love that HE displayed during
HIS entire time on the earth in doing only good.
At no time did JESUS ever give anything other than compassion to the people
that HE walked amongst and that is our objective.
We offer a full range of services that aim to provide immediate, short term
assistance to those in need. The complete list is available by going to our
Emergency Help page.
It is important to remember that all the help that you receive at the People That
Love has been provided by our own community that is, your neighbors. They
come from all walks of life and give as they are able because they care for you
and want you to have the best possible life.
We do not accept any government funding in order that we stay true to our
calling. There is no way to improve upon the human condition without
balance, spiritual and physical. JESUS CHRIST, by HIS HOLY SPIRIT is solely
able to do this as the SAVIOR of the whole world. By HIM you can live an
abundant life without the need for material wealth. We invite you to accept
HIM today.
Serving the
Lord since
Your help means a
great deal. Please
donate what you
can whenever you
are able, we're
always here!
Your donations are at work, every day of the year!
A mask is always
required if you are
to receive
assitance form the
Covid 19 has caused us to make  changes to
operations. Our homeless shelter is closed as is the
soup kitchen. We are serving lunch, Mon - Fri, 10:45
AM - 2 PM, Sandwiches, chicken, fruits, veggies,
sweets, drinks, etc, as available.